25:01:15 We’re back with the 181st edition of Curved Radio!

show_posts_25-Jan---181We’re back!

This week on 181st edition  of Curved Radio (Sunday 25th January) we begin one hour earlier at Sunday 11pm (Sydney time) and go for four hours through to Monday 3am. Yes … thats right … an extra hour of the curviest sounds around! So check your world clocks for starting times in your area!

For the first hour, Gayle plans to do a bit of a wrap featuring the best bits of the Curve from 2014 before we curve ourselves into the show proper. This week, Gayle will be featuring a lot of music from Australia as well as lots of usual Curvy fare and the fabulous Sammy Collins joins Gayle in the studio for hijinx and vinyl surprises. Our intrepid crew member in France, Clarisse French Curves has some fantastic new music and news from France to share with us and mr.K will share tracks from new social media followers Les Americains (France > web | facebook ), minus one (Australia > web) & Fayth Hope (USA > web | facebook).

We also replay an interview mr.K did last year with Dennis Remmer of independent Brisbane label, TransCom about the BNE Project : The Definitive Archive of Brisbane Electronic Music Production 1979-2014.

Oh … and do you know we now have a blog? Of course you do. You’re here! Yes … its currently a work in progress so check back in on it from time to time. We hope it will be a one-stop shop for you Curvies to catch up on – tune in to the shows / check in on the profiles of the Curvy crew / chat with us live while the show is broadcasting / read some great music / culture articles and a space in the Curvy Forum where we … and most importantly you … can share and showcase opportunities for sound/art competitions / festivals / call for collaborators or promote your work etc etc. The possibilities are very exciting! If you’d like to write an article for the blog, please get in contact with us. We’d love your curvy input into it! Please leave us a comment or feedback … and if there is a feature you’d like to see on it, then by all means, let us know.

Facebook can only do so much so through the blog, we … and with your contributions too, hope to build up a fabulous resource for all things kinda curvy!

Are you ready to step out onto the Curve?

Listen to the first hour here :

Playlist and links for 181st Curved Radio : Broadcast 25:01:15
Track Name Artist + Links
Yulunga Dead Can Dance
Okay Donna Amini
Got It Banoffee
My Canary Has Circles Under His Eyes Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band
Come Under Mstr1 No Zu
Galiku Gurrumul Yunupingu
Ab-ı beka Susheela Raman
mr.K’s interview with TransCom BNE Project : The Definitive Archive of Brisbane
Electronic Music Production 1979-2014.
Water Hole Gondwanaland Project
This Little Bird Tex Perkins & Megan Washington
Jazz In The Ravine (Du Jazz Dans Le Ravin) Mick Harvey
Kick Me Les Americains
Love Didn’t Mean A Thing Fayth Hope
Everything minus one
Many a tribe The Bwgcolman Warriors
Mix Tape Big Scary
Shape Im In Jo Jo Zep & The Falcons
Sounds Of Then (This Is Australia) GANGgajang
Tuk Guerre
Avinu Malkeinu Lior
My Grandfather Lior
Only A Surfer Knows The Feeling Kim Sanders & Friends
Pony Takes A Powder Mojo Juju
Allah Popo Tango Charlie Web Dromadaire Airworld
Passager Lufdbf
Visions Interphase (Ars Sonor, M.Nomized, & Sylphides
Treaty Yothu Yindi
Frizzle Arterial Flow (Jan Slater, Kirk Kadish & Will Greenstreet)
The Ballad Of The Nullarbor The Aerial Maps
Sinking Relationship Georgia Fields & The Freeways
Kura Tungar Archie Roach, Australian Art Orchestra, Paul Grabowsky & Ruby Hunter

5 thoughts on “25:01:15 We’re back with the 181st edition of Curved Radio!

  1. Hi
    Lovely to see you supporting and playing our music on your show, I missed it however as we had a cracker storm last night, wild wind, lashing rains, earth shattering thunder and lightening followed of course by a power outage.

    • Oh Amanda! I hope you were recording some of that … before the power outage of course + I hope you didn’t suffer too much damage. Thank you for composing such gorgeous music and its our pleasure to share it with the Curvies. best wishes to you ~mr.K

      • Sadly no recording of the crazy storm, was trying to make dinner, feed dogs and entertain guests, MAD, no damage however many trees down in some areas. Thanks for you appreciation, Will be making some new versions of a few tracks in the near future with additional live instrumentation so will keep you posted.

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