Curved Radio’s Gayle Austin Beats The Drum Again on Double J!

feat_slider_gayle_jjTo celebrate the 4oth birthday of Double J radio (which later morphed into Triple J radio) our very own Gayle Austin, one of the founders of Double/Triple J and the “first female DJ on Australian Rock radio” was one of the original team finally acknowledged for their contribution to broadcasting in Australia and her sixteen years as part of the J team. Gayle presented a wonderful hour of music and history reflecting our unique Australian culture and the political and social context in which the early days of Double J existed.

Read an excerpt below via Highlights from Beat The Drum Again | Double J.

Gayle Austin was the first female DJ on Australian rock radio, her appointment in the mid-’70s a sign that Double Jay would lead the way in achieving equality in radio.

During her Beat The Drum Again program, Austin tells us about how Double Jay supported the first ever International Women’s Day, even when the odds were stacked against them.

“1975 was very big in a lot of ways. It was the year of the first International Women’s Day. The Js decided to have a whole day of women broadcasting women’s music. A great idea, but there wasn’t really enough music to fill the day. We had to play many of the artists several times over the hours and we had to make it a very, very short day.”

“But we did go forth with it, we had to borrow Margaret Throsby from ABC to do the breakfast show, we put Double Jay women on who were just getting their legs producing, we put them on air, I had to do two shifts and Tina Jorgensen, the second female announcer on Double Jay, also did a shift.”

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