01:02:15 A very saucy 182nd edition of Curved Radio!

show_posts_LGE_template_182_singleIt’s a very saucy 182nd edition of the Curve coming up this week, Curvies!

In the first hour, Curvy alumni and film guru, Peter Castaldi joins Gayle to launch his new film show, ‘Screening Jets‘ , then Gayle will take over the driver’s seat to bend your noodles with another delicious serving of Curved Radio.

Our fabulous Curvy crew member Aku Kadogo calls us from the States and presents a beautiful musical homage to her father. Gayle will also talk mr.K into putting down his bowl of spaghetti for a moment to join her on air to have a natter about our new Curved Radio blog. That’s going to be fun!

We’ll also feature a few tracks plucked from Curvy followers in the twittersphere like Malcolm Hill (Melbourne), Giirls (France) & Space March (Sydney) and this week, Clarisse’s French Curves dials in with another selection of yummy new sounds from France.

Tuck in your napkins Curvies and lick your fingers with delight because we’re gonna get real tasty this week when we step out onto that Curve! Can’t wait!

Are you ready?

How and when can you listen in?

Listen to an hour of selected tracks & Aku Kadogo’s spot here :


Playlist and links for 182nd Curved Radio : Broadcast 01:02:15
Track Name Artist + Links
Red Right Hand (Peaky Blinders Theme) [Flood Remix] Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Eurodans Stephane Pompougac
Stronger Than Me (Harmonic ”33 Mix) Amy Winehouse
Flags Of The Old Regime Pete Doherty
The Rain Is A Handsome Animal Tin Hat
Improvisation No. 4 (Live) Branford Marsalis
Dear Mrs. Parks : In Sacrifice Hannibal Lokumbe / Detroit Symphony Orchestra / Thomas Wilkins
I Believe (When I Fall In Love It Will Be Forever) Stevie Wonder
Tight Betty Carter
About the trauma drum Lyre Le Temps
The Librarian Ange Hardy
Malcolm Hill – Paul McCartney’s Sheep Malcolm Hill
Giirls – Dance Giirls
Spacemarch – You Are Electric Space March
Wide Eyed & Legless Andy Fairweather Lowe
Dat Dere Rickie Lee Jones
Lost In Amsterdam Parov Stelar
Bitty Boppy Betty Pink Martini
Cool Cat In Town Brenda Boykin
Without A Face Luluc
Keep A Lid On Isle Adore
It’s A Boogie Kate Dunbar
Happy Dust Man Bibi Tanga & The Selenites
je suis deja parti (Taxi Girl cover) People Theatre feat. Miss Eva Peel
Liquid Alcove Christopher Alvarado & William Spivey
No Meaning Alpha Sequenz
Super Positions Apparatjik
Auntie Aviator John & Beverley Martyn
Point Of No Return The Bambi Molesters
Bang Bang Betty Chung
Butterfly song Jocelyn Pook
Troppo (Dry) Troppo (Wet) Charlie McMahon & Gondwanaland

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