15:02:15 Spinning around on the 184th edition of Curved Radio!

show_posts_184_twitterJumping on the ‘Gee Whizzer’ ride for curvy amusement with Gayle & mr.K in this week’s 184th episode of Curved Radio, one of our London crew, the fabbo Olivia Louvel beams in to share some excellent tracks with us. Our Curvy crew member in Egypt, Omar will also join Gayle via skype to play music from the region. Clarisse’s French Curves has another Frenchy but chic selection lined up and we’ll also play more great artists recently introduced to us by crew member, Janice Slater/ARTERIAL FLOW.

mr.K joins Gayle with more tracks from new social media followers namely DeeDee Lavell (latin jazz lusciousness via Byron Bay via Philadelphia via Los Angeles), Nate Maingard (acoustic troubadour stylings currently in London via Capetown) and from Barcelona, some wonderful chair dancing electro sounds from Abstraction to get you up and out of your seats!

Gayle, of course will be sitting in the drivers seat and navigating this week’s joyride into Curvyland with her usual aplomb and lashings of style and smiles, so buckle up Curvies for some big fun and great sounds coming up in this week’s show!

We’re dizzy with excitement or it could be just the ‘Gee Whizzer‘!

Are you ready to step out?

How and when can you listen in?

Listen to an hour of selected curvylicious tracks from this show here :

Playlist and links for 184th Curved Radio : Broadcast 15/16:02:15
Name Artist + Links
De Hombre a Hombre (Nicolas Repac Remix) Gotan Project
I’ll Shoot The Moon [Live] Tom Waits
O Pastor Madredeus
Come On In My Kitchen Cassandra Wilson
Ice Medeski, Martin & Wood
Jesus is a Rochdale Girl Elbow
Siren Call Islaja
Kiitos (feat. Islaja) AGF & Islaja
An Ancient Song Louis Tillett
Beautiful People The Books
Why We Are Here Dee Dee Lavelle
Lovers in the Morning Light (demo) Nate Maingard
Gettin’ kicked off, havin’ fun Betty Davis
Dear Old Stockholm Miles Davis
Can’t Help But Smiling Devendra Banhart
Boushret Khier (Well Hope) Hussien Al Jasmi
Hakawa Asma Lmnawar
Hiya Hiya Khaled Feat. Pitbull
Instead of making children Moscow Art Trio
Paper Hearts Em George
The Window Kenny Wesley (Mathew Shell remix)
Jazz Ain’t Nothin But Soul (feat. Joe Lovano) Esperanza Spalding
Blondin Makes An Omelette Gareth Liddiard
Ennaya (My Eyes) Salma Al Assal
Spirit Fingers Four Tet
Annie In Aeternam vale
Story Sutties Lea
Ephémère Frédéric TRUONG
When The Dog Bites Rabih Abou Khalil
Golden (B-Sharp Afro Centric Mix) Jill Scott
Don’t Blame The Crocodile Herman Brood, Nina Hagen & Lene Lovich

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