22:02:15 The Joint is Jumpin’ in the 185th edition of Curved Radio!

show_posts_185The joint is jumpin’ in our 185th edition of Curved Radio coming up because Gayle has a truckload of fabulous tracks beamed in from the Curvy universe this week that she’s itchin’ and twitchin’ to share with you all.

mr.K also has more fab music he’s brought back from his visit into the twittersphere from social media followers Tiny Rockets Sonic Team (UK), LeVant (Romania) & Faded Paper Figures (USA). Janice from ARTERIAL FLOW has also sourced some more delicious tuneage for us and as a special treat, we’ll be visiting the Curved archives as we’ve uncovered a radio feature mr.K prepared for the Curve back in 2013 on the mysterious and utterly marvellous, Marvin Pontiac. Fact or fiction? You’ll have to tune in to find out.

So Curvies, are you ready to step out with Gayle & the curvy crew this week as we settle in for 3 hours of the curviest sounds around?

We bet you are … but before you join us for the big leap, don’t forget to stretch! We don’t want to hear of any sprained muscles on our watch, dig?

How and when can you listen in?

Listen to an hour of curvylicious tracks from this show here :

Playlist and links for 185th Curved Radio : Broadcast 22/23:02:15
Track Name Artist Name + Links
Zachary Emily Saunders
Zevul John Zorn
Ngarrindjeri Woman Ruby Hunter, Archie Roach, Australian Art Orchestra, Paul Grabowsky
Theme From The Matador Papa Chango
Ain’t Got No, I Got Life Nina Simone
Booby Trap Broadway Sounds
Pass The Peace Pipe Judy Holliday
Taboo Jack Costanzo
It Breaks Tunng
Aline Sitoe Diatta Sousou & Maher Cissoko
Jappo The Public Opinion Six
Tiny Rockets – Ghost (TRR Sonic Team remix) Tiny Rockets
LeVant – Sideways LeVant
Faded Paper Figures – Fellaheen Faded Paper Figures
Apoh Jenah David Chesworth Ensemble
August. Spikelet Evelyn Petrova
Dracula Cha Cha The Tango Saloon w Mike Patton
Bach – Zadeh Aziza Mustafà Zadeh
Songbird Matt Corby
Hangin’ ‘Round (Acoustic Demo Version) Lou Reed
3 Ni nha rias Ana Deus
Achaka Achail Aynaian daghchilan Tamikrest
When School’s Out Emie R Roussel Trio
The “In” Crowd Gregory Porter
Defiant Lou Doillon
Walk the Dog Laurie Anderson
Cool Blues Charlie Parker
In the Green Wild Julia Holter
Marvin Pontiac radio feature Marvin Pontiac presented by mr.K w Maree Cunnington
Tarantella Lounge Lizards
Reality and Fantasy Raphael Gualazzi
The Crooked Inn John Surman
If The Stars Were Mine (Orchestral Version) Melody Gardot
Refugee Camp Curious Quail
Night Air Jamie Woon

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