RPM 33 1/3 – Earshot – ABC RN – Ruth & Peter Mann

feat_slider_ruthandpetermannA fascinating radio documentary about Ruth & Peter Mann who ran a very early Australian recording label called “Score” and legendary music store in Melbourne, ‘Discurio’. The “Score” label was behind some of most significant early recordings of Australian music and indigenous culture. (photo credit : Michel Lawrence)

At the end of last year 33,000 singles were decommissioned from the Melbourne ABC Sound Library. As this vast amount of vinyl was being wheeled out of the building, and shipped over to the State Library of Victoria, producer Lyn Gallacher noticed that among the collection were some significant Score recordings – the recording label of Ruth and Peter Mann. Ruth and Peter Mann were better known for their record store Discurio, than they were for their label, which started when Ruth bought the first non-institutional tape recorder in Australia and began to record kindergarten children. She would sell the spool back to the parents who of course couldn’t play the tape.

Listen to the stream or download the audio RPM 33 1/3 – Earshot – ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

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