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Recognised as one of Australia’s best songwriters – his haunting song Quasimodo’s Dream was named number 10 in the ARIA Top 30 Australian Songs of All Time – mainstay of The Reels, Dave Mason, has developed two new shows – Electronic and Acoustic – that can be seen at the Golden Age Cinema on March 10.

Conceived for festivals and arthouse venues, Electronic is a multimedia collaboration with graphic artist Libby Blainey and producer Scott Saunders.

“With Electronic we have reimagined the worlds of some of my songs including Quasimodo’s Dream, Shout and Deliver and After The News – creating a show that is drawn from the pictures in my mind and which reflects the things that I think and feel,” said Dave.

“The musical and visual style of each song is true to my vision freed from any obligation to a record company or popular music conventions – interpretations that are probably too radical for saccharine music television.

“We’ve even taken on Burt Bacharach’s This Guy’s in Love With You which I have always seen as a song about unhealthy obsession – the twisted stalker kind of love that John Hinckley Jr. had for Jodie Foster.

“While Electronic is full of big ideas it is a show that can be scaled for venues from small galleries through to concert halls.”

In Acoustic Dave works with multi-talented musician and producer Brendan Gallagher presenting reinterpretations of his original songs including 80s chart toppers Love Will Find A Way and Prefab Heart.

“I am a singer and songwriter, as is Brendan, I very much enjoy performing with him. We complement each other very well. He’s a great guitarist, a good bloke and is very accomplished,” added Dave.

“Together we bring fresh nuance to my songs and also to a small selection of covers including Bad Moon Rising and According To My Heart.

“I am a music lover as much as anything and I truly enjoy covering great pop songs – for me there is room for artistic interpretation as well as respect for the original works.

“Brendan and I recently performed as part of Summer Playground at Sydney Opera House and we’ve definitely developed a two man show that can fit easily into public programs – we can tailor the repertoire to the audience.”

Electronic and Acoustic are inherently flexible shows that can be adapted to venues and programs as required.

The Dave Mason Showcase is a unique opportunity to see the shows together.

What: Dave Mason Showcase

Where: Golden Age Cinema and Bar, 80 Commonwealth Street, Surry Hills

When: 6pm Tuesday 10 March

Cost: FREE

For inquiries or further information, contact Christine Harris-Smyth, phone 0434 035 971 or email christine.hs@gmail.com

Dave Mason Golden Age Invitation

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