05.04.15 : Gayle Austin speaks with Russell Guy on Curved Radio

In this interview, Gayle speaks with Australian author Russell Guy about his new book called ‘Dry Crossing’.

Russell is a writer whose story ‘What’s Rangoon to You is Grafton to Me’, originally appeared in Tracks Surfing Magazine (July, 1978). It was adapted as a radio play, narrated for ABC radio 2JJ/JJJ Sydney by former ABC newsreader, the late James Dibble and repeatedly broadcast, including ABC Radio National (last broadcast in January 2015, 37 years after it was first aired). He writes stage plays, novels, journalism and has a screenplay about Flynn of the Inland, looking for a producer. His novel ‘Dry Crossing’ was published in March 2015.

Synopsis of  ‘Dry Crossing’

Listen to ‘What’s Rangoon to You is Grafton to Me’

Listen to Gayle’s interview with Russell :

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