05:04:15 Hellzapoppin’ in the 191st edition of Curved Radio!

NEW_show_posts_191_twitterPut your hands on those buzzers Curvies because coming up in the 191st edition of the The Curve this weekend, Gayle speaks to Russell Guy (‘What’s Rangoon To You is Grafton to Me‘) about his new book called ‘Dry Crossing‘ about travelling around Australia with an Aboriginal band.

Curvy Crew members Riz Maslen aka Neotropic (UK) and Patrizia Oliva (Italy) also catch up with Gayle and Janice from ARTERIAL FLOW has found a couple of fabulous tracks she’d like to share with us.

mr.K pops in from the twittersphere again and this week serves up some curvy goodness from twitter followers Courtesy (USA) Anna Rodriguez (Spain) & ISLAJA (Finland).

And in amongst all these musical treats, Gayle dishes out even more as she keeps it all under control and blasting right into Curvyland.

Are you ready?

Listen to an hour of selected curvyness from this episode!

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Playlist and links for 191st Curved Radio : Broadcast 05:04:15
Track Name Artist / Links
Theme From ‘Route 66’ Nelson Riddle
Words of Advice Material – Bill Laswell/William S.Burroughs
Descending Down Emily Saunders
Spain Chick Corea & Bobby McFerrin
Get Movin The Walgett Warriors
Native Calls Dangaa Khosbayar
Desert Air Abdullah Ibrahim
The Ballad Of The Nullarbor The Aerial Maps
Butterfly Talvin Singh
Mister Sandman Pomplamoose
Popcorno Messer Cups
Nite Nite Courtesy
Commencar de Novo Anna Rodriguez
Skeleton_Walk Islaja
Il N’y A Plus D’Après The Jazz Passengers With Deborah Harry
One Floor DownBluebell, Cockleshell, 123 King Creosote
The Pink Panther Theme Henry Mancini
Purosangue Fabrizio Testa
Rainmaker Fabio Mina
Die Dinge Annett Louisan
Cuckoo (Roshi Feat. Pars Radio First Cuckoo of Spring Remix) You are Wolf
Sanbiki no kashikoi saru Juice Vocal Ensemble
My Spine Is The Bassline Shriekback
She Slides Deux Filles
Black Hole Benbo
Torero San Fermin
Cucumber Slumber (Fluxus Mix) Material – Joe Zawinul, Alphonso Johnson
Watermelon Man Dee Dee Bridgewater
Blind Paper Dragon Tin Hat
Hubsugul Electric Indigo

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