26:04:15 The Hills Are Alive in the 194th edition of Curved Radio!

Curvies, the hills are alive with The Sound of Curved Radio!

Coming up on this weekend’s psychedelicious show, we’re joined by very Curvy crew members and a few of our favourite things, the fab Olivia Louvel (UK), Omar Said (Egypt) and Patrizia Oliva (Italy) who all have some great music and new artists to introduce us to. The marvelous Janice from ARTERIAL FLOW is also back again with some monster tracks that will have you climbing every mountain!

Back from the twittersphere and shouting above the lonely goatherd, mr.K has some extra curvy aural delights from UK twitterers in the shape of the one and only Ergo Phizmiz, isq and our favourite witty fellas full of small town pettiness, Outside Your House.

Of course, sixteen going on seventeen and making it all seem as easy as do-re-mi, the uber fab Gayle Austin will be keeping it all together and the console curvin’ as she takes you on our three hour tour through Curvyland.

So, put on your dirndls and polish up those jazz hands Curvies because our 194th show is shaping up to be a cracker!

Are you ready?

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Playlist and links for 194th Curved Radio : Broadcast 26:04:15
Track Name Artist Name / Links
Orchids In The Moonlight The Big Band Of Harry Zimmerman
Excerpt from “Air Time” Scanner
Ni Fleur Ni Brume Donkey Monkey
Paris Une Malcolm McLaren
In The Absence Of The Parisienne Malcolm McLaren
Chocolate Jesus Natalia Mateo
Somnium pt. 1 Eugene Ward
A3 Underkast Heidi Mortenson
Let’s Dance (David Bowie cover) Heidi Mortenson
Keep Running The Venusians
Tong-Tana-is-not-a-place Andrew Garton 
Close Watch Agnes Obel
Sylvian Rifflet Alphabet Quartet     2W.46st
Future People Alabama Shakes
Place 75 Vincent Peirani & Emile Parisien
Fading Out (Like the picture on my work ID) Outside Your House
Light and Shade -isq
I Heard Her Call My Name Ergo Phizmiz and His Orchestra
Little Bigot Villagers
Danse 4 aquilegia alpina Brothers Grimm
Beautiful Lies Watercourse Quartet
Jimmy, Renda-Se Tom Zé
Deadbeat Club The B-52’s
Paradise Total Giovanni
Beams Shlohmo
Empty Andrew Garton & Smiten Bridge
Metronomic Emily Saunders
Magic In The Air (Featuring Chawki) Magic System feat. Chawki
180 Darga Tamer Hosny
Ce est le vie Khaled
Englein flieg Eva Kruse
When you get right down to it Shaksa
Ashes Andrea Gibson

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