10:05:15 Wheeling it out in the 196th edition of Curved Radio!

show_posts_196_twitterSpinning around in Curvyland in the 196th edition of Curved Radio coming up this weekend, Gayle speaks to the fabulous Aku Kadogo in Atlanta on her 3rd anniversary as part of the Curvy crew! Aku will be sharing some of her fave tracks with us. Always a joy!

The wonderful Monica Boi Akih Akihary in Amsterdam joins us again and introduces us to the music of Reijseger Fraanje Sylla and Gayle also crosses to New York to chat with singer/songwriter Brett Gleason who was introduced to us a few weeks back by BillyBoy*.

Janice of ARTERIAL FLOW has passed on some more terrific music for us to play this week and mr.K features twitter followers Songs From A Ledge (UK) The Mantells (UK) and the gorgeous Cove Hithe also from the UK.

Strap your curvy selves in because Gayle and the crew will be wheeling it out … just for you!

Are you ready?

Listen to an hour of selected tracks from this broadcast:

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Playlist and links for 196th Curved Radio : Broadcast 10:05:15
Track Name Artist Name / Links
I Love You The Dub Dentist
Power in the Blood Buffy Sainte Marie
Barlyk Rive Huun-Huur-Tu
Walk Like an Egyptian Henry Mancini
Favourite Nursery Rhymes Moondog w Julie Andrews & Martyn Green
Cloud Cuckooland The Real Tuesday Weld
Aku Aku Martin Denny
Sankofa Cassandra Wilson
La Bendición de Gonzalo Christopher Hale
Poder Mayor Celeste Mendoza
Liquid Spirit Gregory Porter
Real Thing tUnE-yArDs
Chin-don-ya Monster Rally
Time After Time Chet Baker
Moon and Stars (piano version) Curious Quail
Tears Songs From a Ledge
Key To The City The Mantells
How Wild the Wind Blows Cove Hithe
How Wild the Wind Blows Molly Drake
Purosangue Fabrizio Testa
Perhaps Ernst Reijseger, Harmen Fraanje & Mola Sylla
Bakou Ernst Reijseger, Harmen Fraanje & Mola Sylla
Count Till Zen Ernst Reijseger, Harmen Fraanje & Mola Sylla
Weaving the Law (excerpt) AAO Crossing Roper Bar
Carreras FolieMusic
Love’s Out To Lunch Annette Peacock
Shakin’ All Over Mae West
The Boulevard Of Broken Dreams Jack “Bongo” Burger
At Sea San Fermin
Roses In The Snow (Alternate Version) Nico
Unruddered Brett Gleason
The Thawing Brett Gleason
Destruction Brett Gleason
Baltimore Prince
Universal Soldier First Aid Kit
We Are Circling Buffy Sainte Marie

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