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feat_slider_oliversacksA fantastic review piece of Oliver Sacks’ new memoir ON THE MOVE: A LIFE by David Ehrenstein

Oh where is the leather-clad motorcyclist who will sweep me away?,” Lindsay Anderson moaned rhetorically in his diaries. It’s a shame the great film and stage director never met Oliver Sacks. Both British, with only a 10-year age difference between them, they might well have clicked.

But Sacks, the neurologist and author — whose books on brain-function oddities, “Awakenings” (1973), “Musicophilia” (2007), and (most famous of all) “The Man Who Mistook His Wife For a Hat” (1985), have brought him fame among those with no familiarity with what it is he is discussing — has reached a new plateau with his new memoir “On the Move: A Life.” In it, the good doctor emerges as both a dedicated man of science and the gay bike-riding bon vivant as well. A fortiori, in simply and honestly recounting his life, Sacks has something important to say about what it means to be gay.

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