14:06:15 What?!! It’s the 200th edition of Curved Radio!

show_posts_200_mixcloudYes! That’s right, Curvies! It’s the 200th edition of Curved Radio coming up this weekend.

The Curvy crew are celebrating as Gayle speaks with extra special guest Mara of Mara! Ensemble & Martenitsa Choir before they tour Italy. Désiré Sankara will also join us from Paris and introduce us to the music of Johann Berby.

Janice of ARTERIAL FLOW is back with some great tracks and Clarisse’s French Curves dishes up the french tasties once more with Brigitte Fontaine, Electric Press Kit & Michel Cloup Duo. Ooh la la!

mr.K throws off his twittersphere cape in a flourish and features from that realm this week, new followers like the jazzy snazzy original folk rock straight outta neverland sounds of SJ Tucker (USA), the mind boggling cello brilliance of Jo Quail (UK) and he revisits the acoustic beauty of TOMÁS PAGÁN MOTTA (USA).

Amongst all this, Gayle keeps the curvy console under control bringing you the curviest sounds around … and a few surprises to celebrate such an fabulous occasion as the 200th show!

Step out and celebrate with us, won’t you? Are you ready?

How and when you can listen in LIVE to the Curved Radio stream!


Playlist and links for 200th Curved Radio : Broadcast 14:06:15
Track Name / Link Artist Name / Link
Je M’appelle Amanda (Piano Version) Amanda Lear
Lonely Woman Ornette Coleman
The Stranger Song Marian Henderson
The Velvet Fur feat Salivador Dali Dub Dentist
Reality and Fantasy Raphael Gualazzi
Partii Ch’era Il Giorno Di Natale Mara And The Martenitsa Choir
Il Ricordo Mara And The Martenitsa Choir
Se Con Fervide Mani Mara And The Martenitsa Choir
Prima Della Sera Mara And The Martenitsa Choir
Dat Dere Rickie Lee Jones
Want Me Like Water (Herbert’s Tension Dub) Furry Phreaks Feat. Terra Deva
Love is in Town Brenda Boykin
Black Swan Blues SJ Tucker
Adder_Stone Jo Quail
The Falconer Jo Quail
I Have Been Lost Tomas Pagan Motta w The Petticoat Tearoom
Waltz Nº3 (Natalia) Sharon Isbin
Kudumde Desire Sankara
SÈl Johann Berby
Polission Johann Berby
Excellent Birds Laurie Anderson
Tinariwen Group Anmataff
Adyamina Fadimoutou Wallet Inamoud
The Light Samantha Whates
Live in Vienna Kristen Korb
Comme a la radio Brigitte Fontaine
Nous Vieillirons Ensemble Michel Cloup Duo

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