09:08:15 Getting supercharged for the 208th edition of Curved Radio!

show_posts_208_mixcloudDo we have a supercharged 208th show for you coming up this weekend! Its enough to make your hair stand on end!

Curvy crewster, the divine Billy Boy* joins Gayle from Switzerland with more fabulous news from his neck of the woods + Sasha Markovic from NY ensemble Yagull is currently in Japan and will be on the line with some very interesting Japanese music he’s sourced for us. We welcome another new Curvy crew member, Arianna Bosi into the mix with some great tracks and special guest, Péat Maloney who co-manages the Wendy Saddington facebook page will be chatting with Gayle about an exhibition he’s putting together in Canberra of archival material to honour Wendy, one of Australia’s legendary performers.

mr.K’s featured twitter followers this week are all from the UK and a very mixed bag of treats they are including the beyond amazing FiFi Rong Music, those drum synth fuzz fun meisters, the Tiny Rockets Sonic Team and an alternative folk act who have just wowed the punters at Glastonbury,THE PORTRAITS.

So Curvies, are you ready?

With Gayle Austin spinning the discs, you know you’ll be tuned into the best of the curviest sounds in the known universe …. just don’t forget your comb!

How and when you can listen in LIVE to the Curved Radio stream!

Listen to an hour or so of selected highlights from our 208th show!

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