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feat_slider_burroughsKasper Opstrup cracks open the Third Mind and gets into the vibe with William Burroughs and Brion Gysin, Matmos, Jennifer Walshe, Tomomi Adachi, Kouhei Matsunaga and more …

As a kid I used to spend the long days of summer staring intensely at a glass placed in front of me across the table. In my mind’s eye, the glass would move back and forth across the tabletop, fly through the room and smash against the wall, as if poltergeists had descended upon the house. But it wouldn’t be poltergeists at play. It would be me, unlocking my hidden telekinetic potential. Inspired partly by the film and partly by one too many Stephen King novels from the local library, I wanted to develop my ability to change the world by will alone – the occult power par excellence – in the hope of escaping boredom. Soon, I imagined, I would succeed in transmuting my mind into a short wave radio of grey matter, enabling me to participate in a community of fellow enthusiasts through the ether. Only later did I realise that these acts, had they been successful, would be indistinguishable from magic or some other very advanced technology….

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