20:09:15 We’re keeping strict time in the 214th edition of Curved Radio!

show_posts_214We’re really gonna be rockin’ the beat this week in our #‎214th show!

Gayle is joined by Sydney poet and performer, Jenni Nixon who is launching her new volume of work ‘swimming underground’ soon at Gleebooks. Plus the amazing Inga Liljestrom who has a fab brand new independent album release with Michael Lira called ‘We Have Tigers’ will also be speaking with Gayle.

Clarisse’s French Curves is back with tasty french treats from BLACK EGG out on Unknown Pleasures Records, a track from Les Modules Etranges and we’ll also listen to another track from Bunker Palace (a new collaboration from Gildas Brugaro aka SRVTR + Sylphides out on God hates God Records) and get to speak with Gildas Brugaro himself.

mr.K’s curvy social media followers this week come from Sardinia in the guise of duo, Massa Sonora Concentrata. We also listen to a gorgeous track from English alt. folk artist Samantha Whates he’s tracked down in the twittersphere. And then he’ll wrap his spot up with, you guessed it, a track from those drum synth fuzztastic funsters and mr.K faves, the Tiny Rockets Sonic Team brand new album, TinyRockets R Go!

With the fabulous Gayle Austin behind the kit and keeping time, you know its bound to be extra curvy … so Curvies, step out into the known universe with us again this week?
You know you want to!

Are you ready?

How and when you can listen in LIVE!

LISTEN to the first 2 hours of #214 via 2SER on Demand page 

Playlist and links for 214th Curved Radio : Broadcast 20:09:15
Track Name / Link Artist Name
Radio City Eilen Jewell
Days To Come (Feat. Bajka) Bonobo
Smells like content Books
Othe Mera Yar Wasda Gaudi & Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
Chemical Marriage Mr. Bungle
Good Morning Guts!
Rock Rock Rock Messer Für Frau Müller
Innocent: A Requiem for Refugees Ofra Haza
The Fifth Plague Laurie Anderson
Excellent Birds Laurie Anderson
Dazeitlak Dezzelli (i signal you deny) Omar Souleyman
I Feel Your Love Laura Marling
No More Hurting People Vapor feat. Marc Martel
Nightlite (feat. Bajka) Bonobo
Old Paint Fred E. Katz
Albert Fish Massa Sonora Concentrata
Trees & Gold Samantha Whates
Action Figures Tiny Rockets Sonic Team
Feelin Groovy Blossom Dearie
Silhouette Julia Holter
Coo- Coo Inga Liljestrom & Michael Lira
Girl Of Fire Inga Liljestrom & Michael Lira
Man Of Constant Sorrow Inga Liljestrom & Michael Lira
Tea To Boil Inga Liljestrom & Michael Lira
Slaapwagen Waldeck
Lost my Head Tijuana Cartel
La Lettre d’Explication Yann Tiersen
Icurok Klaus Nomi
Rustic Sense Of Migration Haiku Salut
Avenue Wagram Terranova
We Shall Win Black Egg
The Great Imitator Les Modules Etranges
Radiance Bunker Palace
Blue Moon Pepper Island
Uptight (Everything’s Alright) The Funk Brothers

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