The Samplers that Shaped Modern Music | via factmag

feat_slider_samplersA fantastic article and thorough review of the history of sampling and the technology that has shaped this practice.

We live in the age of the sample.

The practice of sampling informs what we consume every day, and its roots can be traced back to music. More than any other medium, music has normalised the idea of sampling in our daily lives; thanks to music, sampling has become just another tool in the modern creative arsenal, and it has seeped into our collective unconscious.

The practice of sampling in music dates back to the 1940s and the early days of musique concrète. Using recording tape, Pierre Schaeffer and others experimented with recorded sounds by manipulating them via splicing, speeding and reversing. Musique concrète’s experimental practices and use of common sounds placed it firmly outside the realms of what was accepted and understood as ‘real music’ at the time, a situation not unlike that which would befall modern sampling decades later.

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