18:10:15 Its Smiley faces all round on the 218th edition of Curved Radio!

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Coming up in our 218th edition of Curved Radio, Gayle crosses to Norway to speak with composer Andreu Jacob who’ll share some tracks with us and preview a yet unreleased recording of his! Gayle will also be presenting some tracks from Curvy crewster Riz Maslen aka Neotropic that she has sent to with us from her monthly set featured on Reel Rebels Radio.

We also share a very special treat we received from HopeStreet Recordings this week in the form of the forthcoming release from Emma Donovan & The PutBacks featuring Archie Roach, Joelistics & Tim Rogers. Its a new 7” single featuring two classic Aboriginal Australian songs : Warumpi Band’s 1985 anthem ‘Blackfella Whitefella’ and a deep soul rendition of Archie’s late partner, Ruby Hunter’s, heartbreaking hit, ‘Down City Streets’. All proceeds from the sale of this single will go to the Stop the Forced Closure of Aboriginal Communities in Australia SoBlakAustralia campaign.

mr.K’s back from the twittersphere with a very curvy selection of tracks from some of our Curved Radio twitter followers. We get down with the Balkan New York punk gypsy stylings of BAD BUKA to the gorgeous acoustic work of Welsh artist John Stuart Hogg and then he finally wraps it all up in blippy bloopy acid house deliciousness with a cracking new release from Justin Paton out on the Mottomotto label.

So Curvies … are you ready? Put your smiley faces on and join the fabbo Gayle Austin and the curvy crew for another trek into Curvyland as we stream across the known universe!

You can listen to this show & the last 4 weeks of Curved Radio ON DEMAND HERE via 2SER

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Playlist and links for 218th Curved Radio : Broadcast 18:10:15
Track Name / Link Artist Name / Link
Begin Dub Dentist
Wild is the wind David Bowie
Wolves The Cat Empire
Blackfella Whitefella Emma Donovan & The Putbacks (feat. Tim Rogers & Joelistics)
Down City Streets Emma Donovan & The Putbacks (feat. Archie Roach)
Crazy Horse Brigitte Fontaine
The Gentle Breeze Andreu Jacob
Denouement Andreu Jacob
Starless Andreu Jacob
When Leaves Begin to Fall Andreu Jacob
No No No Beirut
Escolinhas de Robô Tom Zé
My Spine Is The Bassline Shriekback
Why Don’t You Do Right Jazz Percussion
Chicken Talk Yma Sumac
Coffee Bad Buka
Sweet Clementine John Stuart Hogg
Acid 2000 Justin Paton
Walking Song Meredith Monk
Cattle And Cane The Go-Betweens
A Poet Walks Robert Forster
Twins Arto Lindsay
Karmacoma Massive Attack
Autobahn Señor Coconut Y Su Conjunto
Suki Desu Annabel Lee
Archipelago HDSPNS
For Sorrow Salt Tears Laura Cannell
Trout Heart Replica Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra
Two Much Time Captain Beefheart
Congalegre Horace Parlan
Toutes Les Roses Céline Vincent
Flutter The John Lurie National Orchestra
T’ain’t No Sin William S. Burroughs & Tom Waits
And They All Look Broken Hearted Four Tet
Warda’s Whorehouse Philip Glass & Foday Musa Suso
A Song For Yukiko Tricky

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