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articles_posts_desertpeaIn Australia, many Indigenous Australians continue to suffer huge disadvantages, both culturally and socially. Many of Australia’s First Nations continue to feel the effects of generational trauma on a daily basis: low life expectancy and high rates of unemployment, suicide, incarceration, isolation and substance abuse. Desert Pea Media is a response to this.

Established in 2002 DPM is a registered charitable organisation that works with individuals and communities in regional and remote areas in Australia to support them to create important social and cultural dialogue DPM uses the process of contemporary storytelling to genuinely engage and empower participants. We provide the support and tools to allow them to explore local cultural and social issues and tell their story through high quality and relevant mediums.
We work with elders, young people, community leaders and local service providers to ensure every program is relevant, engaging and appropriate to their needs and those of their communities.

Desert Pea Media can help you engage with young people in indigenous communities through hip hop, film, music and more.

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