08:11:15 Topsy Turvy & Very Curvy in the 221st edition of Curved Radio!

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Its all topsy turvy and very curvy coming up in our 221st edition of Curved Radio this weekend!

Joining Gayle Austin this week via Skype, will be our fabulous curvy crewster Janice Slater of ARTERIAL FLOW with another selection of great tracks to share with us. Janice will be playing tracks from Nicole Johänntgen who has started the SOFIA Support Of Female Improvising Artists organisation and also one from Australian Jazz/Blues legend, Judy Jacques.

Gayle will also be interviewing Sydney singer/songwriter, Donna Amini. Donna will be talking about her Iranian background, singing an Iranian song and playing a couple of her own gorgeous tracks.

And if that wasn’t enough, Gayle also chats to Ellen Kirkwood of The Mieville Project, (which also features sax legend Sandy Evans) and is a specially commissioned work for the Fourth Sydney International Women’s Jazz Festival and having its premiere this Tuesday!

If the stars and timelines align this week, we just may be able to get the fantastic Australian singer, musician, instrument inventor, visual artist, traveller and collaborator Colin Offord in Taipei. Fingers crossed!

mr.K this week joins us to talk about the first ever Independent Label Week(Nov. 9-15). Think of it like the annual Record Store Day initiative but for independent record labels around the globe and their artists. In this spot he’ll be playing tracks from various labels and artists who are participating in this week long event like the The Adult Teeth Recording Company in Hull (UK) who kicked this whole thing off and featuring one of their artists, James Wood. Also, our Curvy friends, the Oz label, HopeStreet Recordings have signed up and are launching a very limited edition release from The PutBacks during the week which we’ll hear. And finally on the Bleeding Gold Records label from San Diego, California we hear a track from fuzztastic New York based band Les Bicyclettes Blanches.

Keeping the sounds and chat extra curvy of course, Gayle will be swervin’ and curvin’ the musical rickshaw all over the known universe this week bringing you sounds from some of the best independent artists around.

So put your wheels on, Curvies and strap yourselves in! Are you ready?

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Playlist and links for 220th Curved Radio : Broadcast 08:11:15
Track Name / Link Artist Name / Link
Cubanita Groove Malena Perez
Little Black Buzzer Yorkston/Thorne/Khan
Dandy (Featuring Yola B.) Parov Stelar
Surf Babies Bossa Nova Beatniks
Goyong (trad) Ana Alcaide & Gotrasawala Ensemble
Mungo Woman Judy Jacques Lighthouse
Hello NJQ Nicole Johänntgen
Translation Party Fat Yahoozah
Theseus and the Minotaur
Captain Kirkwood
Katie Cruel Karen Dalton
Can We Talk? James Wood
Kung Fu Pyramids The PutBacks
Cat Gut Les Bicyclettes Blanches
Bongo Bong Manu Chao
Jazz Bizarre (feat. Brenda Boykin) Jojo Effect
Cotton Tail Ella Fitzgerald
Negah Mikonam Donna Amini
Make Some Time Donna Amini
Running Donna Amini
Lolabelle Laurie Anderson
Park Avenue Beat Fred Steiner
Soaking Up Sunshine Antiqcool
A Mexican Spaghetti Strangler Pascal Comelade
Mangarrjarra Alice Mitchell
Deltrop Julien Jacob
Beyond our Ken (excerpt) Colin Offord
River (excerpt) Colin Offord
Riding On the Rim, Pt. A Colin Offord
Wake Up Call Urszula Dudziak
Disco Jaded James Chance And The Blacks
Yardbird Suite Dario Napoli
Poèmes éparpillés lufdbf
Tjangkurileung White Shoes & The Couples Company
Sans Titre White Shoes & The Couples Company



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