13:12:15 Here Kitty Kitty in the 226th edition of Curved Radio!

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Coming up in the 226th edition of Curved Radio this weekend we’re joined from the UK by fabulous Curvy crewster, Olivia Louvel Official with music from sound sculptress and composer, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith. Gayle will also be chatting with Angela Last from the Mottomotto label speaking to us from Germany and presenting tracks from The National Jazz Trio Of Scotland, Yasmine Hamdan on Crammed Discs and talking to us about things geographic! Clarisse French Curves is also back and will be presenting soem great tracks from Cap Roots Station, William Sheller &Nezumi (& Fox) on the monopsone label.

In mr.K’s social media followers spot this week he’s dug into the Curvy twitter archives and has selected a few faves from this year from the amazing Jessica Marlowe & the Wildtracks (UK) on Mottomotto, some electro yumminess from Jonteknik (UK) and some gorgeous Japanese dreampop from the duo, Lilywhoooooooooo.

So Curvies, are you ready to step through the curvy portal with us for the last time this year before we take a break to recharge the curviness and resume extra curvy transmission in 2016?

You know you want to … Listen LIVE  every Sunday 11pm Sydney, Australia time via : www.2ser.com/players or via the TUNE In link on our blog.

You can also listen to the last 4 weeks of Curved Radio via 2SER or selected podcasts from our mixcloud page.

Playlist and links for 226th Curved Radio : Broadcast 13:12:15
Track Name / Link Artist Name / Link
La Traque Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra
No No No Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Everything We Need My Friend The Chocolate Cake
Pura Suadade (optiganally mix) Fantastic Plastic Machine
Toc Tom Zé
Outsiders Insiders Emily Saunders
How Sweet It Is Karen Dalton
Stunts Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith
Tides III Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith
Black Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi
Terry Riley’s In C Mali [Edit] Africa Express Presents … Various Artists
Bonga Bonga Shriekback
Dust Hidden Orchestra
i Bring You Here Jessica Marlowe & The Wildtracks
The Bridge (Neon Remix) Jonteknik
mubyuu Lilywhooooo
Il Ricordo Mara And The Martenitsa Choir
Samar (Oriental Skweee Remix) Yasmine Hamdan
Surprising Word National Jazz Trio Of Scotland
Andy Warhol Dana Gillespie
F E M A L E Sampa The Great
Cherche Le Zavr Messer Für Frau Müller
They’re coming to get us, Dave! Nezumi (& Fox)
From Bangui to Saint-Nazaire Cap Roots
C’est l’hiver demain William Sheller
Auction Block Paul De Jong (The Books)
Sharabi (Alcoholic) Susheela Raman
TRack 4 Pham Thi Hue
Am I Blue Lillian Boutée


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