20:03:16 Peeking Through The Curvy Portal in the 234th Edition of Curved Radio!

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The playlist and links to all the artists featured is below.

Coming up this weekend in the 234th edition of Curved Radio, Gayle is joined by Curvy crewsters, Inga Liljestrom dialling in from France with new work from herself & Michael Lira, a track from The Dø and an 80’s favourite reimagined for obsolete instruments. Hmmm? Curvy!

Victor Gashnikov also drops in from Moscow to introduce artists ÁrstíðirDark Suns and The Black Painters to the Curve and our man in Manila, the fabbo Jac Vidgen calls in again for a rap about whats been going on in his curvy neighbourhood.

mr.K has tracks from Curved Radio Social Media followers, curvy favourite, UK ambient etherealist, Chloe March with her brand new single out onHidden Shoal, a track from Vincey Presents from Oz indie legends,Underground Lovers from his forthcoming new solo album on Rubber Records and a gorgeous slice of art pop from Philadelphia-based artist, The Skating Party.

Yes … mr.K’s also dug into that kooky bottom drawer of his, moved the socks out of the way and found a couple more Kooky Kuts to share with you Curvies. You have been warned!

Are you ready to step out once more through the curvy portal with us this weekend? We promise we’ll have you back before dinner time whistling a happy tune … or two!

Playlist and links for 234th Curved Radio : Broadcast 20:03:16

Mumbles – Gege Telesforo
Viva L’amour – Sabina Sciubba
Wanderer – Ilya Beshevli

8:30 – Gayle Austin intro
Disappear (Wheat to Whiskey mix by Cedar AV) – My Brightest Diamond
Sunday – Iggy Pop
22:00 – Inga Liljestrom spot
Dust It Off – The Do
Blue Monday – Orkestra Obsolete

We Have Tigers – Inga Liljestrom (Inga & Michael Lira)
Persona – Victor Gashnikov
What Is It? – Otti Albietz
Let’s Get Happy Together – Lillette Jenkins
Old Europe – Robert Wyatt
1:08:30 – mr.K’s Curved Radio Social Media followers spot
The Orpheus Pavement – Chloe March
Letters 4rom Venus – the Skating Party
Where Was The Gold – Vincey Presents
The Weight Of Your Hand – Breadfoot
1:32:30 – Victor Gashnikov spot
|The Sad Song of the Elephant Man – Dark Suns
I Will Marry You One Day – The Black Painters
Síðasta kveðjan – Arstidir
Oh Oh – Deluxe
Happiness (single version) – Elliott Smith
2:06:30 – mr.K’s Kooky Kuts #6 spot
The Girl From Ipanema – Dictionaraoke
Zip – Rita_Hayworth (Jo Anne Greer)
Robe and Crown – Afrika Mamas
Ere Mela Mela/Meche Neu – Mahmoud Ahmed

2:31:45 – Jac Vidgen spot
How Many Lifetimes – Alan Vega
Endless Love – Thao & The Get Down Stay Down
Beat Fuga Shake – Riz Ortolani

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