10:04:16 We’re Growing Fins in the 237th Edition of Curved Radio!

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Coming up in this week’s 237th edition of Curved Radio, Gayle is joined via Skype by Curvy crewsters, Barry Andrews (UK) from Shriekback, Angela Last (UK) from the Mottomotto label who will be introducing us to her band, NOW and Elisabeth Karsten in Norway sharing music from Jan Garbarek, Ane Brun and D’Sound.

mr.K has tracks from curvy twitter followers including award winning Canadian Inuk singer Beatrice Deer, some new electro bubbles from Neon (UK) on the PLONK label & a brand new release from Oz curvy faves, Frida out on the Wyall Style label. mr.K has also discovered among the mothballs in his bottom drawer of kooky, a couple of bona fide kooky kuts involving a little blue man and a rather tired canary to share this week. What the?

And as a special treat for us, the fab Peter Castaldi from the equally fab Screening Jets has shared with us an interview he recently did with American writer, director, singer and songwriter Cory McAbee who has recently been touring Australia.

So Curvies, are you ready to grow fins like Captain Beefheart and swim, walk and wiggle your way through the Curvy portal and out into the known universe with Gayle & the Curvy crew for another week?

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