17:04:16 Its a Curvy World in 3D in the #238th Edition of Curved Radio!

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Timings for the guest spots in this show are below

Coming up this weekend in our ‪#‎238th‬ edition of Curved Radio, we’re joined by the ever fabulous Curvy crewster, Aku Kadogo calling in from Atlanta, Georgia to share some more wonderful tracks with us. Gayle speaks with award winning Toronto-based singer-songwriter and cross collaborative World music composer, Lenka Lichtenberg currently on tour in Europe. Lenka will be sharing her stunning music with us. Can’t wait for that! Composer and Curvy crewster, Andreu Jacob also dials in from Norway sharing some new work from himself and artists, Conrad Seto and Chema Vilchez of YOGA MUSIC EXPERIENCE.

mr.K presents in this week’s Curved Radio Social Media followers spot, a fabbo brand new release from SS.Sebastian (Oz), some curvy Cumbia sounds from Malphino on Catapulte Records (UK) and a wonderful folk artist Gayle introduced to us last week, Elena B Williams (Oz). mr.K’s still digging around in his kooky bottom sock drawer and has dug out a couple more very kooky kuts from Screamin’ Jay Hawkins and Godley & Creme to tickle your earholes.

Other featured artists include : Avishai Cohen, Amina Annabi, PJ Harvey, The Bulgarian Voices Angelite Feat. Huun-Huur-Tu, Emily Saunders, John Zorn, Gabriella Ghermandi, Gene Ammons  + more!

All this and much more as Gayle & the Curvy crew, put on their 3D glasses, pass the popcorn and giggle their way through the curvy portal and out into the known universe.

You wanna join us? Its a the best double feature in town!

Timings for Curvy crew spots : 238th Curved Radio : Broadcast 17:04:16

9:15 – Gayle Austin intro
18:10 – Aku Kadogo spot
Visions – Stevie Wonder
I Got the New World In My View – Sister Gertrude Morgan
Look to the Sun – Saul Williams
Eyes on the Prize – 
Mavis Staples
1:06:30 – mr.K’s Curved Radio Social Media followers spot
Nightmare of 1984 – SS.Sebastian
Fabiola Amapola – Malphino
Time – Elena B Williams
1:32:35 – Lenka Lichtenberg spot
Zum Gali, Gali – Lenka Lichtenberg & Fray
Lider fun Loyb – Lenka Lichtenberg/Fray & Roula Said
Eybikâ – Lenka Lichtenberg/Fray & Roula Said
2:05:00 – mr.K’s Kooky Kuts #10 spot
There’s Something Wrong With You – Screamin’ Jay Hawkins
An Englishman in New York – Godley & Creme
2:21:00 – Andreu Jacob spot
Flamenco Jazz – Chema Vilchez
Nenufar Albut – Conrad Seto
Sleet in Stone’s Scrip – Andreu Jacob feat. Elisabeth Karsten
2:55:40Gayle Austin sign off & thx

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