mr.K’s Curved Radio Social Media Followers Mix #6

socialmediamix6_TWThis mix compiles all the artists featured in ‘mr.K’s Curved Radio Social Media Followers’ spot presented weekly with Gayle Austin on Curved Radio from shows #234 / #235 /#236 & #237. More details and links to each artist can be found in the playlist for each show and below.

The 12 artists have submitted their music for playlist consideration via messaging our Facebook page or by following us via our Twitter stream.

If you’d like to have your work considered for airplay, please message/follow us or email : . We’d LOVE to hear from you!

mr.K & Gayle’s curvy commentary on each track has been removed so what you have is just 50 minutes of curvylicious music!

Artists include :  NEON (UK) / AWMA (USA/CH) / Chloe March (UK) /Francine Thirteen (USA) / John Reed (UK) / Frida (AU) / WOOF (USA) / Pablo (Opolopo rmx) (UK/SWE) / Beatrice Deer (CAN) / Silver Sircus (AU) / The Skating Party (USA) / Vincey Presents (AU)

Please support these independent artists by following the links above.


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