01:05:16 Putting on Polka Dots and Curvy Moves in the 240th Edition of Curved Radio!

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Coming up in 240th edition of Curved Radio this weekend, we’re totally thrilled to have on the line from Paris, the absolutely curvylicious Sabina Sciubba of curvy faves, Brazilian Girls who’ll be talking to Gayle about her last album release, ‘Toujours’, some new recordings, Brazilian Girls and the new Zach Galifianakis series on FX called Baskets which she appears in!

Curvy crewsters Patrizia Oliva joins us from Italy and introduces us to some wonderful sounds from a collaboration between Alessandro Bosetti & Chris Abrahams of Australian ensemble, The Necks and also some stunning work from self proclaimed ‘guitar wrestler’, Eric Arn. Australian singer/songwriter Inga Liljestrom will also be joining us from somewhere over the pond with tracks from Chelsea Wolfe & King Dude, Robert Plant & The Strange Sensation and herself covering a traditional song, ‘Katie Cruel’.

mr.K has lined up in this week’s Curved Radio Social Media Followers spot, a new release from Romanian artist, Andreea Verde + a track from the newly released Cities and Memory project called ‘Prison Songs’ which reworks tracks originally recorded by ethnomusicologist, Alan Lomax and a fabulous new collaboration from fave, Samantha Whates featuring the Chaps Choir (a 60 voice male choir) just released to raise funds for CALM, The CALMzone which is a men’s mental health initiative based in the UK.

The one and only, Zsa Zsa Gabor rapping about how life is hard & Swiss sonic meisters, Yello were found lurking in mr.Ks bottom sock drawer of Kooky Kuts during the week, so he’s decided to also bring them out for an airing just for the Curve! You’ve been warned …

So, are you ready Curvies, to put on your dancing shoes and sashay through the Curvy Portal and out into the known universe again with Gayle Austin & the Curvy crew for another week?

You know you want to!

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