12:06:16 We’re back with the #243 Edition of Curved Radio!

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Timings for the guest spots in this show are below

We’re back and extra curvy after a brief break from the Curvy airwaves! In this week’s ‪#‎243rd‬ edition of Curved Radio, we’re joined by Curvy crewsters, Rona Geffen – RG Music in Berlin playing tracks from her new release ‘Blood of My Blood‘, Viviana Vega from WHALESHARKATTACKS in Oslo presenting tracks from a new Metronomicon Audio compilation and chatting about a new online magazine/CD focussing on the Norwegian underground called Bransjevelter. Pete Castaldi from Screening Jets talks to Volker Schaner about his new film about dub maestro, Lee Scratch Perry. mr.K also has a couple of Kooky Kuts from Jonothan Richman & Go Home Productions to tickles your earlobes. So Curvies are you ready to join Gayle Austin and this week’s curvy crew as we lead you on a merry dance out through the Curvy portal!

Are you ready?

Timings for Curvy crew spots : 243rd Curved Radio : Broadcast 12:06:16

06:20 – Gayle Austin intro
17:30 – Viviana Vega spot
Har du hørt om blues? – Goodbye Things
1:08:50 – mr.K’s Kooky Kuts #15 spot
GHP Goes Bananas – Go Home Productions

Hey There Little Insect – Jonathan Richman & the Modern Lovers
1:34:00 – Rona Geffen spot
My Cherie Amour – Rona Geffen
Shir La erev Hag – Rona Geffen
Take me – Rona Geffen
2:14:30 – Peter Castaldi (Screening Jets) spot
Talking to director, Volker Schaner about Lee Scratch Perry’s Visions of Paradise doco
2:54:05 – Gayle Austin sign off & thx

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