19:06:16 Tip Toeing in a Curvy Way in the #244th edition of Curved Radio!

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Timings for the guest spots in this show are below

Coming up this weekend in our #244th edition of Curved Radio, we’re joined by Curvy crewster in the UK, singer, songwriter, producer and broadcaster Emily Saunders who’ll be presenting tracks from Bebel Gilberto, Snowboy & Camelle Hinds. Gayle will also be interviewing Curvy favourite, the stunning Spanish performer and producer ANA ALCAIDE MÚSICA.

mr.K will be presenting new work from jazz/art ensemble Big Dead via Kick Push PR (Oz), ambient/avant garde deliciousness from the brilliant CHRISTINE OTT (FRA) on Gizeh Records and introducing work from The Breath (UK) on Real World Records which include former members of Curvy faves, Cinematic Orchestra.

And as an extra treat, on the line from New York, we get to speak again with author/producer/film maker Justin A. Martell and other members of the Tiny The Musical team about an upcoming production based on the life of Tiny Tim drawn from Justin’s recently released/acclaimed biography called ‘Eternal Troubadour: The Improbable Life of Tiny Tim’. Its closing days for the team’s Kickstarter campaign to fund this production, so lets show them some curvylicious love and help push it over the edge!

Phew! If all that isn’t curvy enough for ya, the fab Gayle Austin also has lots of other musical treats in store to tip toe us all out through the curvy portal and out into into known universe!

Are you ready?!

Timings for Curvy crew spots : 244th Curved Radio : Broadcast 19:06:16

06:20 – Gayle Austin intro
12:35 – Emily Saunders spot
Moon – Emily Saunders
Better (Featuring Jen Kearney) – Snowboy & The Latin Section
Aganju – Bebel Gilberto
Sausalito Calling – Camelle Hinds

1:08:35 – mr.K’s Curved Radio Social Media followers spot
Sad Machine – Big Dead
Danse avec la neige – Christine Ott
Antwerp – The Breath

1:29:00 – Ana Alcaide spot
Goyong (trad) – Ana Alcaide & Gotrasawala Ensemble
Diosa Luolaien – Ana Alcaide
Akelarre – Ana Alcaide
La mujer muerta – Ana Alcaide
El puente de San Martan – Ana Alcaide

2:16:00 – mr.K’s interview with Justin Martell & Jay Wollin from ‘Tiny’ spot
That Railroad Rag – Tiny Tim
Brother, Can You Spare A Dime? – Tiny Tim
2:51:15 – Gayle Austin sign off & thx

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