03:07:16 Curvin’ It To The Max in our #246th Edition of Curved Radio!

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Timings for the guest spots in this show are below

Coming up this Sunday in our #246 ediiton of Curved Radio, we’ll be joined by fab Curvy crewster in London, Angela Last who’ll be presenting some ancient, yet modern Mexican themed tracks from artists, L’Arpeggiata & Lila Downs. Gayle will also be interviewing a totally brill Canadian based musician, Cecile Doo-Kingue who was first introduced to us last week by Canadian crewster, Robin Gorn.

The 2016 Darwin Festival, which is a mega arts & culture festival kicks off through August here in Oz, and we’re very excited to be speaking with its Artistic Director, Andrew Ross who’ll fill us in on the fab lineup he’s programmed this year! In mr.K’s Curved radio Social Media followers spot this week, he’ll present work from the very curvylicious Shape Shifting Aliens (SWE) via The Sublunar Society + The Danbury Lie (USA) +dissisoma (USA).

So Curvies, get ready to high step it out through the curvy portal for another week! because Gayle & this week’s curvy crew have hijinx galore and a whole bunch of fab sounds for your curvy minds, bodies and gorgeous souls!

Timings for Curvy crew spots : 246th Curved Radio : Broadcast 03:07:16

09:25 – Gayle Austin intro
21:15 – interview with Andrew Ross – Artistic Director of 2016 Darwin Festival
Come OnThe Grand Magoozi
Pumpkin PieKid Congo Powers & The Pink Monkey Birds

Little Journey To ManmoyiNabarlek
1:06:25 – mr.K’s Curved Radio Social Media followers spot

When Peter Left The Swampdissisoma
DecayThe Danbury Lie
1:29:39 – interview with Cécile Doo-Kingué spot
various tracks from Cécile’s album : Anybody Listening Part 2 – Dialogues
2:14:20 – Angela Last spot
Bastiao L’Arpeggiata
La LloronaL’Arpeggiata
Arenita Azul – Lila Downs
2:52:50 – Gayle Austin – sign off & thx

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