17:07:16 What’s That On Your Head? in the #248th Edition of Curved Radio!

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Timings for the guest spots in this show are below

Coming up in our ‪#‎248th‬ edition of Curved Radio this weekend, we’re joined by very special guest, former Federal politician, activist and frontman of Oz legends, Midnight Oil, Peter Garrett! Gayle chats to Peter about his brand new solo album, ‘A Version of Now’, politics and radio! Not to be missed! One of our Curvy crewsters in France, author, critic, musician and pop activist, Jean-Emmanuel Deluxe joins us to share tracks from the legendary Guy Skornik, Louis Philippe & Bertrand Burgalat via the Tricatel label. And fingers crossed, Gayle may just get to speak with the fabulous Alice Night, who we’ve been featuring lately and is currently on tour. Let’s hope the stars and telephone lines align for that conversation with Alice!

In mr.K’s Curved Radio Social Media followers spot this weekend, he’ll be presenting new music from tasty latin outfit, San Lazaro (Oz) via the HopeStreet Recordings label, some curvylicious electro stylings from duo Potochkine (France) and a taste of some dark, melodic folk courtesy of Mayhem & Me from Tasmania.

And if that’s not curvy enough for you, Gayle has a couple of extra special treats lined up from the brand new Betty Davis release, ‘The Columbia Years-68/69’ that we’ve all been hanging out for and a track or two from the new Amanda Palmer album of covers she recorded with her father, Jack which has just been released and funded via Amanda’s Patreon supporters.

Phew! Its gonna be extra curvy as we step out through that Curvy portal and stream out into all known universes this weekend!

Join us? You know you want to!

Timings for Curvy crew spots : 248th Curved Radio : Broadcast 17:07:16

04:25 – Gayle Austin intro

06:15 – Gayle’s interview with Peter Garrett
1:07:20 – mr.K‘s Curved Radio Social Media Followers spot
Amor de Despidida – San Lazaro
Charivari Furieux – Potochkine
Ribs – Mayhem & Me
1:31:15 – Gayle’s interview with Alice Night
2:01:40 – Gayle’s feature on Betty Davis – The Columbia Years 68/69
2:25:40 – Jean-Emmanuel Deluxe spot
Je vois ce que je crois – Guy Skornik
Toi, Le Coeur de la Rose – Louis Philippe
La Piscine Dorée – Bertrand Burgalat
2:52:30 – Gayle Austin sign off & thx

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