24:07:16 Setting the Controls to Maximum Curve in the 249th Edition of Curved Radio!

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Timings for the guest spots in this show are below

Coming up in our ‪#‎249th‬ edition of Curved Radio this weekend, we’re joined again by Curvy crewsters, Barry Andrews of Shriekback in the UK with some Shriek-related tracks + the wonderful Olivia Louvel who will be sharing the music of Hanna Tuulikki with us. Our Curvy crewster in Moscow, composer Victor Gashnikov also drops in with music from Attica! Attica!, David Griffee and work from French artist, Demians. mr.K has dug again into his bottom sock drawer full of kooky and shares a little ‘naughty but nice’ number from Terri ‘Cupcake’ O’Mason and a little soothing something from the musical pioneer that was Raymond Scott.

Gayle Austin has so many other fab goodies to share with us as we beam out again through the curvy portal and across all known universes that you’re just going to have to set your radio dials and smiles to ‘Maximum Curve’ to hear! So why don’t you join us!

Timings for Curvy crew spots : 249th Curved Radio : Broadcast 24:07:16

04:25 – Gayle Austin intro

17:04 – Olivia Louvel spot
Spinning In Stereo (excerpt Side A)Hanna Tuulikki
Spinning In Stereo (excerpt Side B) – Hanna Tuulikki

1:06:05 – mr.K‘s Curved Radio Kooky Kuts #18 spot
Vitamins – Terri ‘Cupcake’ O’Mason
Tempo BlockRaymond Scott
1:28:30 – Barry Andrews of Shriekback spot
Terribly Swollen – Barry Andrews & Martyn Barker
More Heat than Light – Shriekback
Here come the Slac GuruBarry Andrews
14:1 – Barry Andrews
2:20:00 – Victor Gasnikov spot
Motion Sickness – Attica! Attica!
SiberiaDavid Griffee
2:55:30 – Gayle Austin sign off & thx

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