31:07:16 A Little of What You Fancy in our 250th Edition of Curved Radio!

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Timings for the guest spots in this show are below

Coming up this weekend in our 250th – yes … 250th! edition of Curved Radio, we’re joined from the UK by Curvy crewster, jazz artist, producer and broadcaster, Emily Saunders with another bunch of yummy Latin sounds which she also features on her ‘Latin Mix’ show on The Jazz London Radio. Gayle also interviews French vocalist, flautist, performer and educator, the amazing Clotilde Rullard from Paris who we’ve featured a number of times on the Curve. We’ll also cross to Germany where our intrepid and ever wandering crewster, the fab Angela Last presents a feature she’s put together on the kill the dj label out of Paris and introduces us to a selection of its artists : Chloé, Jennifer Cardini & Léonie Pernet.

mr.K’s Curved Radio Social Media followers spot this week features the totally swoonalicious sounds of duo, Annabel lee (USA), some very sticky and tasty downtempo electro from DJ Moxy Martinez (USA) and a brand new sonic slice of indie popness from Lemonade Kid (UK).

So Curvies, with all these treats and so many more beaming and streaming out across all known universes in this week’s show, Gayle Austin and this week’s VERY Curvy crew will certainly be serving up a little of what you fancy that will do you good! Join us!

Timings for Curvy crew spots : 250th Curved Radio : Broadcast 31:07:16

08:45 – Gayle Austin intro
18:00 – Emily Saunders spot
Selfishly – Incognito Feat. Maysa
What You See – Flora Purim
Aganju – Bebel Gilberto
1:06:30 – mr.K‘s Curved Radio Social Media Followers spot
Autumn Requiem – Annabel(lee)
Brooklyn – DJ Moxy
AOY – Lemonade Kid
1:34:20 – Angela Last spot featuring kill the dj Label
Word for Word – Chloé
Amoureux solitaires – Jennifer Cardini
Mister A – Léonie Pernet
2:26:50 – Clotilde Rullaud chats with Gayle Austin spot
African sketches (after Afro Blue) – Clotilde
Swallow Song – Madeleine & Salomon
Save the Children – Madeleine & Salomon
2:57:30 – Gayle Austin sign off & thx

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