21:08:16 Clicking Those Ruby Slippers in our 253rd Edition of Curved Radio!

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Timings for the guest spots in this show are below

Coming up in our 253rd edition of Curved Radio this weekend, we’re joined by Curvy crewsters : the very hungry and beat savvy, Viviana Vega of WHALESHARKATTACKS in Norway and the fabulous modern jazz vocalist and composer, Clotilde Rullaud in Paris sharing some tracks. Gayle & mr.K will also be speaking with the duo we’ve fallen head over heels in curvy love with here in Curvyland, the stunning Annabel lee from Los Angeles who’s music has been described as “invoking the haunting classicism of Claude Debussy and Erik Satie, intermingled with the quiet folklore of Nick Drake and Joni Mitchell, tipped with the jazz stylings of Miles Davis and Billie Holiday.” Totally curvylicious!

mr.K also has another couple of kinda Kooky Kuts to share from Siouxsie Sioux & Budgie ex of The Banshees masquerading as The Creatures and from her legendary tripped out album of sonic gems “Mirrors”, a track from none other than the divine, Miss Peggy Lee.

So Curvies, are you ready to join Gayle Austin & this week’s curvy crew and very special guests Annabel lee, as we click those ruby slippers and launch ourselves out through the curvy portal and stream out across all known universes?

See you on the flipped side!

Timings for Curvy crew spots : 252th Curved Radio : Broadcast 14:08:16

08:45 – Gayle Austin intro
21:20 – mr.K‘s Kooky Kuts #20
Gecko – The Creatures
Professor Hauptmann’s Performing Dogs – Peggy Lee
1:08:50 – Viviana Vega of whalesharkattacks spot
BrainliquidSoft as Snow
Things May Change But I’m Still The Same – NaEE RoBErts
This Far – 
1:30:00 – Gayle & mr.K speak with Annabel (lee) spot – full interview / edit version
2:26:00 – Clotilde Rullaud spot
Joce Mienniel‘s TILT
Natural Blend
 – Chlorine Free feat. Soweto Kinch
Istanbul sur ma derive asiatique – L’Hijâz’Car
2:51:00 – Gayle sign off & thx

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