04:09:16 Catch Us If You Can in our 255th Edition of Curved Radio!

curved_TW_promo_255Listen LIVE  every Sunday 11pm Sydney, Australia time via : www.2ser.com/players or via the TUNE In link on our blog. LISTEN to the last 4 weeks of the Curve.

Timings for the guest spots in this show are below

Coming up in our #255th edition of Curved Radio this weekend: on the line from the UK will be Curvy crewster Olivia Louvel introducing us to the stunning theremin sounds of Dorit Chrysler. Monica Akihary of Boi Akih in Amsterdam presents some fab tracks from Minyeshu and Ahaddaf Quartet and Peter Castaldi of Screening Jets will be chatting to Julie Kalcef & Rosie Lourde about their multi award winning web series, Starting From Now. Gayle will also be having a chat with Sydney musician, Liz Martin Band about the launch this week of her new EP.

Our happy go lucky mr.K shares a couple of Kooky Kuts this week from an even happier Paul Evans and he gets all nerdtastic with a song about kinetic and potential energy from Tom Glazer & Dottie Evans. Yup. Kooky!

So Curvies, are you ready to join Gayle Austin and this weeks curvy crew as we stream it LIVE this Sunday across all known universes from the 2ser FM – Real Radio studios in Sydney? We are … and we’ve set the controls to maximum Curve! You have been warned!

Timings for Curvy crew spots : 255th Curved Radio : Broadcast 04:09:16

08:45 – Gayle Austin intro
19:10 – Olivia Louvel presents Dorit Chrysler
48:40 – Gayle speaks to Liz Martin
1:08:15 – mr.K raves about Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds & presents Kooky Kuts #21
1:28:50 – Monica Akihary presents Minyeshu & Ahaddaf Quartet
2:32:30 – Peter Castaldi speaks to Rosie Lourde & Julie Kalcef re: the Starting From Now web series
2:48:30 – Gayle sign off & thx

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