02:04:17 Spinning Around in our #268th Edition of Curved Radio

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With Gayle Austin, our curvy crew spot timings for this show are:
18:00 : Sasha Markovic in New York presents Lilly Winwood, Shana Morrison & Louise Goffin
1:06:00 : mr.K in Brisbane presents Me and the bees, Dark Willow & Lemonade Kid
1:33:45 : Jean-Emmanuel Deluxe in France presents Lio Official, LE TON MITÉ & Jac Berrocal
2:05:15 : Patrizia Oliva in Italy presents Neu Musik Duett & Elena Somarè


Coming up in this weekend’s #268th edition of 2ser FM – Real Radio‘s Curved Radio with Gayle Austin, were joined by Curvy crewster in New York, Sasha Markovic of the duo Yagull who is featuring duets from the famous and their equally talented offspring such as Van Morrison (Official) + Shana Morrison, Steve Winwood + Lilly Winwood and the legendary Carole King and daughter Louise Goffin. Our crewster in Italy, composer Patrizia Oliva shares tracks from Elena Somarè and Neu Musik Duett. We couldn’t reach him last week, but Writer, critic, DJ and Martyr of Pop, Jean-Emmanuel Deluxe will, fingers crossed, be on the line with us this weekend with his fab selection of tracks from Jac Berrocal featuring Vince Taylor, Lio Official and LE TON MITÉ.

mr.K is back with more new tracks from some of our Social Media followers like his current crush from Barcelona, the fabulous Me and the bees on the La Castanya label, some gorgeous darkness from the “best song brother and sister songwriting team since Romeo & Juliet”, Dark Willow and new sounds from curvy follower, the synthtastic, Lemonade Kid.

Other special goodies Gayle has got lined up are tracks sent to us from curvy Natalie James now based in Berlin, some Morphine (band) from artist/photographer Maria Anastasia Druckenthaner, a brand new song from the curviest brothers around, the brilliant Sparks, new work from Oz expat now based in Ireland, David Virgin Music (Official) via Beardfire Music (ex Sekret Sekret, SPK) and some tunes from the legendary Little Annie sent to us by Australian painter and friend of the Curve, Peter Maloney (Peat Baloney) who has shows opening this week in Sydney.

Phew! Its a doozy of a lineup and that’s not all! In typical Curvy fashion, there is something for everybody, so take a deep breath, put a smile on your dial and join us this weekend as we step out on the Curve and stream some joy across all known universes!

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