16:04:2017 : Curved Radio : Edition #270

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With Gayle Austin, our curvy crew spot timings for this show are:
19:00 : Aku Kadogo in Atlanta, Georgia presents Kelan Phil Cohran & Legacy, Eddie Jefferson & The Dangerfeel Newbies
1:06:00 : mr.K in Brisbane presents Silver Sircus, Neon (Maschine Brennt remix) & The Cactus Channel with Sam Cromack
2:12:30 : Clotilde in New York presents Jaimeo Brown Transcendence, Nate Smith, Mike Reed Jim Black

Coming up this weekend in our #270th edition of Curved Radio with Gayle Austin, we’re joined from Atlanta, Georgia by Curvy crewster, the always fabulous Aku Kadogo who has some very yummy tracks lined up to share from Kelan Philip Cohran & Legacy, the late great Eddie Jefferson and straight outta ATL, the funkalicious The Dangerfeel Newbies. One of our french Curvies, the gorgeous Clotilde Rullaud is joining us from New York this time around sharing some fabulous percussive sounds from Jaimeo Brown Transcendence, Jim Black, Mike Reed & the groovalicious Nate Smith!

mr.K is back this week presenting more tracks from Curved Radio Social Media followers like Brisbane’s supergroup, Silver Sircus, some fab machine pop from Neon electro music / Gary Wright remixed by Maschine Brennt via the PLONK label and out of Melbourne Australia, some new sounds from curvy faves, The Cactus Channel with Sam Cromack out via our friends at HopeStreet Recordings.

Gayle has a whole swag of other audio delights to share so why don’t you join us this weekend and step out on the Curve when we stream across the globe and out into all known universes!

You know you want to!

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