23:04:17 : Curved Radio : Edition #271

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With Gayle Austin, our curvy crew spot timings for this show are:
30:00 : mr.K in Brisbane has a rave to Gayle about the recent brilliant Patti Smith gigs they’ve been able to catch here in Australia. 
1:38:00 : Victor Gashnikov in Moscow presents Petter Carlsen, Illuminatus and a track from his new release, ‘Untold Stories’
2:18:30 : Arlo Hennings in Indonesia presents some contemporary Indonesian sounds from Mo’OngArhie Stephallen and Dio Nandyo.

Coming up this weekend in our
#271st edition of 2ser FM – Real Radio‘s Curved Radio with Gayle Austin, we’re joined by our Indonesian-based Curvy crewster, Arlo Hennings who’ll be sharing some more fab contemporary Indonesian sounds with us. Our man in Moscow, composer Victor Gashnikov is back for the new year with tracks from Petter Carlsen and illuminatus and a track from his new release, ‘Untold Stories’. mr.K is also popping in for a rave with Gayle about the brilliant Patti Smith shows they’ve caught over the past couple of weeks that Patti and her band have been treating Australian audiences to on her last ever concert tour of this country.

Gayle & the crew have all this and lots more more curvylicious sounds lined up for you this weekend! So come along for the ride and join us when we step out onto the Curve again for another week and stream out across all known universes.

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