14:05:17 : Curved Radio : Edition #274

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With Gayle Austin, our curvy crew spot timings for this show are:
00:15:30 : Kavita Shah in New York speaks with Gayle about her album, ‘Visions’ & tour.  
00:50:15 : Angela Last in the UK talks all things ‘tarantella’ and shares related music.
01:12:15 : mr.K in Brisbane presents tracks from The Sublunar Society label artists, Samsæri, Barry Prophet & David Hahn.

Coming up this Sunday in our 274th edition of Curved Radio with Gayle Austin, we’ll be joined by Curvy crewster in London, Angela Last talking about and sharing examples of the tarantella, which is an Italian (and, through migration, Argentinian) folk dance. Angela has done some brilliant research on this dance, its origins and its music and will be playing music from Daniele Sepe & Brunella Selo, i cantori dei Menamenamò & L’Arpeggiata in her spot.

The wonderful jazz vocalist/composer, Kavita Shah Music will be talking to Gayle from New York where Kavita is getting ready to embark on an Australian tour this month with Australian pianist Steve Newcomb. We’re looking forward to speaking with Kavita!

mr.K is back with more tracks from the social media sphere and this week he’ll be featuring some very curvy new releases from 3 artists all from the fab experimental/electronic Swedish label, The Sublunar Society : Samsæri (Sweden/Malta), Barry Prophet (Canada) & David Hahn (USA).

Gayle also has some extra special sonic goodies for your earholes she’s put aside this week to share on the radio, so come along for the ride with us when we step out through that Curvy portal once again and stream across all known universes from the 2ser FM – Real Radio studios in Sydney.

See you on the flipside, Curvies!

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